Bought A Tool Testo

Testo Bought A Tool

In the streets, I caught the blue
I got shot, it caught the news
Flipped a seven, I bought a two (Bought a two)
If we gon' slide on opps and true
Which one of these niggas we ’bout to do
We ain't never know nothin' ’bout the schools
And that's why it's EBK, we ain't never care 'bout the rules
My mama ain't want me to go to Rock funeral, I snuck out of school
I was already knee deep in the streets shit
Went to school every day, wasn't tryna be shit
Foenem eventually made me quit
Picked me up every day with like two, three glicks
And we might do a hit, uh
We just gon' ride a bit, uh
We just gon’ ride and keep gettin’ high
We gon' decide who we see outside
Shootin’ already, now I just spin it one more time
This Glock 45 stay right by my side
We in the front and the back in the van
The slide just stay on the left, I hop out on the right
Why you fold? Look me in my eyes
Nigga, how you told? Look me in my eyes
And we ready to go
Soon as I get that money, I'm ready to go
And we ready to blow
Tweak on the road, they gon' think 'bout takin’ your soul
Long live Pistol P, that's on my soul
I remember white folks said that we were on the fours
Rock know he couldn't hustle, why the fuck you sell him blow?
I was rollin' bummers, back when Real was sellin' dro
Spent a hundred summers totin' that OK Thunder
We just ride them cars to get there, hop out, run up on 'em
And I spit that street shit for my niggas out here on defense
Stand your ground and defend it
Nigga, if you made that bed then sleep in it
Still out here on that street shit
Just for everybody said I wasn't gon' be shit
And I spread the love (Spread love)
Still blessed, niggas ain't never gave me shit
And I ain't stressin' shit no more, I'ma let shit be shit
Still gon' stay down on that G shit
Still fresh as fuck, I don't rock that cheap shit
Who you know rock Mike Amiri like me? Shit
Shit, nobody, not me, shit
I been buyin' this bitches for three years
Walk in Barneys, get at least like three pairs
Sometimes I be off like two or three pills
I wan' feel like he feel
By the end of the end, need at least another three mil'
I want a Ghost like Meek Mill
16, I was ridin' with totes
We ain't care where you from, nigga, we want smoke
Give no fuck, I'm ridin' with folks
And I ain't shoot 'til I got close
And we seein' the oppers from afar, out my lil' ho car
Skeet off, bail out, throw the shells out
And I did some shit with bro I ain't gon' tell you 'bout
Ain't take advantage of me no more, I ain't gon' bail you out
Had a grown bitch, like 24, used to come and get me out
I was too young to bail out, go to her crib, then wear it out
That Glock was like my shirt, cock that bitch and wear it out
Ask your homie them, "Do it work?" Cock that bitch and air it out
Goin' to jail every damn summer, I just ain't care about
Now you gotta be somebody to know my whereabouts
Clap shit up, they ain't hear about it, they heard about us (Nigga)
2AM, we ridin', mamas worried about us
In this bitch, it's lookin' like we robbed Cabela's
Ridin' with ladders, these bitches gon' sound like propellors
You pussy and I smell it, coke, I used to sell it
I can't believe that you would tell it
Roll the Runtz, inhale it
Remember I was waitin' on them to mail it
Pourin' pints up in my belly
They tryna throw me on probation, I can't piss test, I'ma fail it
I might never see Toronto 'cause I might end up a felon
Sat in county for a week, I'm givin' pizza to my sellers
And Cap know he took a piece of me when that nigga left me
And he know he's 'posed to be with me, I let that been a lesson
That just mean we 'posed to stick together, add some more Smith & Wessons
More niggas on security, that's just more niggas to stretch you
Wopskino stay on security, 'cause I stay with all this jewelry
And we stay away from the fuck niggas, 'cause we ain't with all of that fooleries
And we ridin' with fullies, and we all some bullies
We ain't got on no mask, but we all in hoodies
And we don't give no fuck who you is, nigga, book me
Niggas just send that forty, we gon' pull up smokin' Zuki
What it is, nigga?