Shakey Skit Testo

Testo Shakey Skit

Herbo stop playing with these real stupid goofy motherfuckers, man (Stanky coochie ass bitch)
No, they ain't... Ayy, they ain't hear you, man
These bitches slow slow slow, you hear me?
(Bitch, you will never be shit in life)
Slow bitch (Ayy, uh)
Tell they ass somethin' somethin' somethin' though
(Bitch you gon' always sell pound for pound)
Real stupid goofy ass bitch (Cop the cop, Shakey, man)
Shout out Herbo, you know (You know, stankey ho)
Get your slow bigoted ass out of here, bitch, I can't wife you
(Huh? Bitch)