Crumble Testo

Testo Crumble

Oh snap
My plans come undone
I'm free falling, darling in the rising sun
Brushing on your cheek
Shining steady through the blinds
I thought I told myself
I would take my time
I sure I said I wasn't ready
She said, she wasn't looking
It's not my fault
That she's so good looking
But she took her time
But I was holding onto the single life
I'm plain available
She said, she's emotionally unavailable
But that means
I'm down with that
She kick the cat out, kid
So I didn't call her back

[Chorus: ]
Castles burning thorough the sky
Shift to shake
And I know why
They say life is what happens
When you're busy making plans
You and I were meant for each other
And we're going to stick together
When the world starts to crumble
Hey yea, let me hear you say
Hey yea, (you can fall on me)
Hey yea, let me here you say
Hey yea, (you can fall on me)

Two weeks past and I still didn't call
But your name was in my brain
Like graffiti on the train
I didn't mean to buck you out
But I didn't have your number
I saw you on the bus
And you were chilling with some other guy
I was like, damn, I was jealous
But you gave me a look
And your smile's the same
And then three hours later
My phone did ring
And it was you telling me
Would I like to chill
At this corner bar
On the block that was real laid back
And I'm like 'yeah it's on'

[Chorus: ]

When no one knows what tomorrow will bring
But you can fall back on me when you can't win
This world is moving faster, tougher everyday
Oh baby just take a deep breath and
Let your troubles all fade away

I showed up late
That really teed her off
We couldn't agree on much
But the vibes was strong
Basically, I fell in love with those big green eyes
You could say what you want
'Cause I was mesmerized
Now three years later
And the feeling so fresh
We stick together
Sunshine, stormy weather

[Chorus: ]