Superhero Brother Testo

Testo Superhero Brother

Every once and awhile
I got to use my superpowers
Even or saving or what'll stop
It ain't my fault
All this bad stuff is happening
Now's it's time I put my foot on down
Oh baby, my love don't seem the same
No, no

Well they say that love is all you need
To heal the world
Plus a trillion billion dollars
Have you heard
That President Bush, Santa Claus and Green Goblin
Sadam Hussein, Spiderman and Bin Laden
Britney Spears, Jesus and the whole cast of Friends
Met for brunch last week
To solve the world's problems
Would've called on me
Oh baby, my love don't seem the same

Well if they called on my name
Don't you know I'd do it
Shine my signal all over Gotham
I'd be true
It's my distinct pleasure
To come down from my grass
Get off my front porch
And save your asses
And in the nick of time
Oh baby, my love don't seem the same

Well change has come over me
My muscles blown
So I freestyled my ass across the U.S.A.
Solve the economy, the homeless problem
Save what's left of the environment
Create jobs, for everybody to be doing something
They want to be doing

But if you can't do smack
Then you better do something
'Cause this is the time
When you so can't do nothing
That means you and you and you and you
And me too

Oh baby

Then I fly overseas
And set all the slaves free
From prostitution, sweat shop, child labor
South America, the problems in the Middle East
Make a sun power car
We don't have to fight in oil fields
I'll take all the troops back
From wherever they roam
And wherever their fightin'
And whatever side their on
And I'll send on the first plane
Home to their moms
And we could make coffee tables
Out of all these bombs
And save the whales
And the pygmy marmosets too

Oh baby

Well all this seems kinda hard
But it really ain't nothin'
All you got to do is
Get bit by a spider or something
We could change the world
In a week or a day
And if you got problems
Man, I sweep 'em away
You find yourself in a world full of trouble
Just call on G. Love
Your superhero brother

And I'll be there
I'll be there
I'll be there
I'll be there
Oh baby, my love don't seem the same
No, no, no