Breakin Down' Testo

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Testo Breakin Down'

Cast aside and asunder
But before they put me under
I'll make a deal with the bounty hunter
For the price upon my head
Walked home to angry faces
So I laced up my laces
And I headed for far off places
Though you'd rather see me dead

The saints have all looked down on me
They've shook their heads and frowned on me
They see you've made a clown out of me

I'm breakin' down

I used to strut and swagger
Now I stumble 'round and stagger
From my back I'll pull your dagger
And keep it by my side
But there's no room at the stable
And there's no place at the table
But for the strong-willed and the able
While I'm knocking and denied

I twist my mouth in prayer
Awake but not aware
All I got is this blank and empty stare

And every time he sees my face
He tries to shake me down again
Or break me down, there's no difference today