Tear Down The Town Testo

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Testo Tear Down The Town

I'll go for a walk and I'll start chewing rocks
And I'll leave all this mess in my wake
Right down the block, outlined in chalk
There's a man who still looks half awake

I'll tear down everything in my path
Cause nothing good ever lasts
And I'm surrounded by things that have all outworn their welcomes

Lifetimes are sold in houses of gold
And there ain't no way for you to win
You're out in the cold if you don't fit the mold
While they flash you their good luck grin

Tear down the town, tear down the town
Tear down the town, tear it down

You look at the clock and there's tick and there's tock
And they conspire against everything
Go on and knock, but the door's always locked
And you've taken that key off your ring