Broken Cigarettes Testo

Testo Broken Cigarettes

You were born to decide "who will you fuck over in your life?"
Sitting in the backseat of a car, and you're loaded?
Doesn't add up.
I want another wouldn't-have-it-any-other best friend on a bad day that I don't have to call.
You're doing fine without me.

But you are your mother's daughter who led me out to the slaughter.
I can respect that.
I’m not bored, I’m apathetic.
I’ll try harder to forget it.
I was flying to the moon whenever you were around.
You were slinging black holes and I got lost in the sound.
Not that you'd ever understand,
But if you wanted to know, you could make me.
You could break be.
You choose to waste me.
The only love I’ll ever know.
Pull up the car to your house.
I come out, you come out.
Undecided on.
Wave that caught my eye.
I will try.
I’ll go back inside.
You'll go see him.
Watch my body die.