Musings On An Otherwise Anniversary Testo

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Testo Musings On An Otherwise Anniversary

lonlieness and i are no longer mere acquaintances
passions are never so sincere as an unexpected phone call
my eyes are laquered over so you can't see me
time flies slowly like it always does im used to your absence
the gauge is awfully low it's late i dont think it's safe for you to try this
you thought this was meaningful? well it would be if you weren't here
while i try to think of how much better off you must be without me but our eyes lie
and glances downward show our true intentions
the leaves are on the ground again
musings keep slipping back to then cold lips on less than willing teeth
i hope you still think you'd hate to see me
blinds sigh sleeping with the tv on is no substicute so i'll close my eyes
now kiss the cheek of the one that you love best