Digitale Gaudium Testo

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Testo Digitale Gaudium


[THE MASTER Has a twinge of conscience.]
Night and day craving for the innocence.
The words you say are killing me.
Sitting here in the grave of tolerance.
Have you hear: no one can be free.
The architect build the world upon his word.
There is no protect against the mystic spell.
Do you believe the lowest element is earth.
I do reveal a secret, mark it well.

Craving for the innocence
Waiting for the down of the new born son.
New master is waiting for him.
Yet one has killed the other one.

This place is call'd by many names.
Far down below in the sulphur mist.
Now the awkward doom is done.
I will hang you by your left-hand wrist.

New born flesh you wanted I can give you.
Fresh blood from opened throat can pour you.
'You sick? To give you health I can spit you.
And if you want to die I can help you.