Red-Hand Succubi Theory Testo

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Testo Red-Hand Succubi Theory

[Laboratory. The succubi and THE MASTER are working.]

Just let me smell your blood
Then the silent one started to whisper:
Your flesh is mine too,
Your blood is mine too, sister.
Ssshh... Lock the door... Don't scream...
Beyond the centuries there there was
An obnoxious soiled laboratory.
One of Father Satan's slaves
Tried to test a deformity.

So many tubes,
Obscure liquid infectious aphrodisiac.

So many disasters, too much failure.
Hallow voices sing: don't turn back!
Give birth to Incest!

A maniac starts a warfare, creates a hybrid

Monster, against fragile nature.
[The creature is born from the flask and the harvested young man seeds.]

I see pools of blood, feel like buried.
A part of me is rising from hideous chemistry.

[Watching the crawling creature.]

She crawls on the floor closer,
Wants to be connected.

Sibling? Enemy?

Leech, but deadly wounded.

Genetic malformation.
I never thought I'll go into madness.
My cells are yearn into the sweet flames.

(Mad warble...)

Nothing comes for free.
Illegal anatomy resulted in abomination,
King of sin will punish us, reunite us
Inside/outside my/your brain!

We both are human!

Oh, wretch that I am!
No human eye would see you again!

I'm a masterpiece!

Just leave me to die!
Dippel's oil neither saves your life.

You have to terrible...

...Price to pay? Our tale is a demon's ceremony.

You're my sweet donor.

Soon I'll be...

Just blow my corpse up and leave me!

[Setting the creature on fire with a torch.]
Die again! Die again!
You lusus naturae with damned red hands!