The Making Of Testo

Testo The Making Of

"The mirror stands in me.
It's got more heart than I do.
How did I get this way?
There has to be more than this.
More to life than wasting time, and missing out.
Am I missing out on the afterlife?
My head is too strong,
And my heart is too weak.
I've got tunnel vision, and nothing else surrounds me.
Is this what they meant by abstract?
Torn and thrown together.
Do I run the other end of these prayers?
Or are they just screaming in my head?
I swear you can't break me.
You're not gaining any ground.
I'm not giving anything."

"All I'm asking is you look to the sky to find your heart.
It's all you have and it's falling."

"Even if you know my face, can you really know my heart?
If you want me you'll have to give me breath,
And wake this creature from death."

"You can't see standing in your own shoes.
Why can't you see that you're standing on holy ground?
Try to remember that this meant something.
This does exist, and they'll never understand."