Our Time Testo

Testo Our Time

If you’re listening to this album we thank you
You’ve opened up to the notion that you don’t need to follow
You’ve steered away from the masses that swallow anything that’s presented in front of them
If you’re digging our tunes or just here to criticise
Either way you’ve given us your time
We’ve carved out a H in the corner of your mind
We are the leaders we never fall in line
Point out all the mistakes humanity has made
You’ll be left with a dead arm for days and days
But now it’s our time
It’s never felt so right
The future is ours
We stand we fight
Try to push aside, we hit back harder
We all deserve a place in this world and the life after
Ascension’s inevitable like each days dawn
Do not obey do not conform
An easy life is boring
Come with us and ride the storm
Religion, race hate and country borders
Were created to eliminate the truth before us
Fear and separation are tools that distort us
So we bring it back with a verse and a chorus
Looking out on all like the eye of Horus