Outside The Box Testo

Testo Outside The Box

So we got thrown in at the deep end
Didn’t test the water
Made a splash in the scene with a sound that they ain’t ever heard of
There will be many now but there was none before us
We’re gonna remain flawless
Thanks for all the support
It’s been awesome
Coming from The Craufurd
Going on tour with Korn round Europe
Coz we live how we sound
Outside the box, cross borders
Causing storms in forums
Fuck a genre coz that’s not important
We’re on the frontline
We are not trolls on keyboards exporting nonsense
Or a sandwich short in a lunchbox
We are the full mont
Turn the sound up another notch
We just tell it how it is
They applaud us, yeah they applaud us

Sat in my room and my head starts spinning
Painting a story, creating an image
Translating these thoughts to lyrics
We are full of substance, no need for gimmicks
We’ve achieved so much
But it’s just like we’re warming up
Some said we’d never make it
Ha! You really think H ever gave a fuck?
And through this we gained our respect
Connecting with fans, deep thoughts, sick shows, lyrical intellect
And we are here right now
There’s no coming up next
So tighten your belt
This time you’re coming for a ride
As these five minds collide