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Testo Overcome

I never believed in fate,
We make our destiny!
Always rising above fears and frustrations...
You've been tamed for too long:
Confront your demons!

We are the shadows of our needs,
A series of wasted dreams,
We deny our longing for self-destruction,
And try to conceal it for it scares us!

I can see the light,
When the oppression is gone...
This is the final call,
I'm on the edge!


Stare into the eye and you'll overcome fear,
I'm my own monster.
Forget everything you know and drown in nothingness...
Let the void absorb anger and rage!

Look deep into your soul and face the enemy...

I can see the light,
And the oppression is gone,
This is the final call...
I'm on the edge!
I'm on the edge of breaking down,
I'm on the edge and falling down,
I can't come back and I know it!