Requiem For A Lullaby Testo

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Testo Requiem For A Lullaby

"I relive the same dream over and over again,
Watching with satisfaction a fulfilled and better version of me...
Can I hold onto something real or must I live in eternal sleep?
Sometimes I wish i did not wake up from this dream!"

Haunted by defeat I revive the old wounds again,
Alone and facing the day I turned my back on passion (for good)...

...And I know that it's too late,
That time will consume us all.
I've missed my entire life,
And I'm slowly turning into dust....

My life is damned and my hopes are gone,
I'll never find the peace of mind that I need...

Torn with anguish, my mind is confused.
Our creations seem superficial
Compared to the hardships we have to overcome.
There is no turning back,
Salvation is at hand....

Hear my words or fall.
Hear my words or keep on dreaming.
Stand for yourself and fight for real,
Lead your path to a brighter day!
Nothing can go wrong as long as you keep on trying.
Building up your confidence day by day and (always) giving it your best shot!
The world is yours!
Redefine your vision,
Redefine your vision and dare to take a chance!
Become who you are meant to be before you turn into dust...