Icon Of Resolution Testo

Testo Icon Of Resolution

[Music: Jon & Kris; Lyrics Jon & Steve]

[The Icon:]
I stand at the golden door
A watchman against the threat of war
I'll enslave those who would betray
And shelter weary souls who's willingly remain

[The Icon:]
They came across the seven seas
The weary find their rest in me
On my scale of judgment I will weigh
I judge you by your actions
Feel the wrath of warmth of my embrace

[Chorus x4:]
My torched held high
My banner raised
If it weren't for me
You would be my slave
I call your name
I will set you free
Your poor and oppressed
I am Liberty

[The Exile:]
Queen of freedom let me into your land
Queen of freedom hold me up when I can't
Queen of freedom let me into this place
Queen of freedom hold me in your embrace
Queen of freedom with arms open wide
Queen of freedom hold up your light
Queen of freedom standing on the shore
Queen of freedom at the golden door

[The Icon:]
I will let you in