Rise To Revise Testo

Testo Rise To Revise

[Music & Lyrics: Jon]

March until your feet bleed
Chant until you can't speak
Scream until your ears ring
The people cry freedom

Scale the cliff up to the peak
Climb until your nails bleed
Take it out into the street
The people cry freedom

This is the time
And this is the place
We march into the fire
In the darkest of times
On the world's largest stages
We stand, we rise to revise...

Ring the bell of liberty
Resist control that they need
Absolute supremacy
The people cry freedom

Turn around the other cheek
The bodies pile at their feet
Still we rise and never cease
The people cry freedom
[Chorus x2]

Again we face into the void
Embrace the fear ‒ grace the toil
Our blood is soaked into the soil
The people cry freedom

To build it up we tear it down
Bring the old men to the ground
And banish now this treachery
The people cry freedom, the people cry freedom

[Chorus x2]