Spilling Currency Testo

Testo Spilling Currency

from the streets of Selma
to Birmingham
to their monuments
we rose en masse
a voice of revolt
the voices of
no army can withstand the strength
of an idea who's time has come
our history tells us that
we must rise up
what Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner
gave their lives for
the dream that Evers, King, and X
lay dead for
that we could
be more than the sum of our evils
our history tells us that
we must rise up
to destroy
that which is unjust
we raised our voices and
the outspoken were gunned down
yeah, we'll pay with our lives
to destroy yours
we paid with our lives
a generation removed
to this day
you try to erase our history
soften the punches
and bury the fear you held
that we would win