The Will Of The People Testo

Testo The Will Of The People

from the age that we are capable
of production
our worth is determined in the minds
of those against us
from that age, they deny us
our value
but we can choose
to assign our own value
to our lives
and the time we have
and this may be our only freedom
to deny
their influence
the examples
that surround us
if we can purge
many of us will fall
to our enemies
our minds and our bodies
stretched to their limits
we must draw together
to protect ourselves and our families
our strength is in our numbers
alone we are vulnerable
until our last breath
we will fight back
and if we fall
it will be
with clenched fists
and bared teeth
there is no sadness in dying on your feet
there is no sorrow in this proud death
there is no sickness
no toil
nor danger
in this great sleep
to which we go
and the freedom we fought for in our lives
will finally be ours
I know dark clouds have gathered round us
I know there are forces aligned against us
but if we die
we will die knowing
that we lived our lives
standing up
for our selves and for our beliefs
never defeated
never broken
and never bent to a will not our own