Men Are Mortal Testo

Testo Men Are Mortal

Men are mere mortals...

In that case I'm not a man though I'm a sir
And not a ma'am, I'm trying to turn rap to rep for Suriname
I've got the serum to the syrup, understand
The son of Sandman vs. Son of Sam, we just performed at Summer Jam
Wearing pajamas from the slammer up the can
Enough of that, the kid know places Kid 'n' Play had thrown the 'jammy-jam
For handy cats who grab their handy cams, these shoes be like oh snap the jammy jam
I capture candy cans, take they crayola crayons and put them in the clamp
I got no style to cramp like Marcus Camby can
The voice of both the oysters and the clams, pearls of wisdom none of wealth
Fighting the system here to offer assistance especially want to help
I paint a picture like Orson welles, I'm like a coffin nail
My troop is down for truth or dare, we fighting tooth and nail
My boo, my dear don't shop at bloomingdales or a flaunt her boobs and tail
She blows me tuba scales, I keep her wetter than a grouper scale
I'm hard to tread on like a group of snails
I chew bazooka joes and rep for joes that's buried under jails
They be in the alphabet, I be the alpha male, don't need no infrared to see that I'm for real

I been the infamous since drinking Enfamil
Whomever want to cause an incident I be like "It's a deal"
I'm not interested in spending an instant with the infidels
Can tell I used to read Fidel and rock Big L
My city's like the citadel, my fears were quelled the day ceiling fell
My bros and sisters such are sitting ducks and that's not sitting well
I sit and dwell and build an instrument for infinite to guarantee the simpletons go impotent
I always gave one hundred ten percent, I smell like heaven scent I'm known as heaven sent
Ain't down for wasting time, I never made a dime I haven't spent, I have respect
I always find the time to work my tris and pecs, I cash my checks for packs of pickled peppers peter piper picked

Men are mere mortals...

In that case I'm not a man, bulls of Ferdinand, I must prefer the fertile land, I keep a bird in hand
Cooler than a fan, confer with fans this fame a lame, impress the flesh
I'm like a burning bush, I'm like a burning brand against the flesh
Hiss, that's not a snake that's a tape within a deck
Out on a mission hanging mistletoe got whistled for a tech
[Catch folks whose shorts should blow a whistle for effect??]
Any others artificial, its initial, if you ain't fizzle it just ain't official yet
Ain't eating fishes eggs, I'm using fission next to thwart the goons who try control the schools like they was fishing nets
Big down to cats who want you listening to Flex, [who will that they get corporate filling quotients??], as if they was listening to next
Got fed up listening to my ex, I'm listening to X, I'm monitored by feds
Who threatened to set it on the fellows to keep em fed, make me laugh like something Brian Fellow said
No special effects, used to teach Special Ed, they gave 'em special meds and all that did was make 'em special less
Especially the special-est, so I'm a specialist addressing the necessities, or Open Sesames
My extra sensory perception not only sexy it protects me from infection, I'm not on the take
Please don't take offense when I give affection, known for friendship
Far as charges pressed and orders of protection, all this salt mean infinite potential for water retention
I'm trying to keep my temper in a tempest, so I'm into tofu and the tempeh, guess I'm pretentious
Are you mad cause I ain't sitting on the fences or are you mad cause I ain't sitting on the benches?

Villains scared to quit, they waiting on their pension, without a pulse they so repulsive, so unrepentant
Play it by the book and blend in, I shall miss the brook that's bent in.

Aight, aight, word up