My Brothers Testo

Testo My Brothers

Stop it
You’re socking yourself
That’s your pocket you robbing
Your noggin you knocking
Your pops that you popping
That ain’t your opposite hollering “help”
How the hell you hobble yourself?
What you got in common is greater than your problem
Apologize and polly and smell the pollen
And stop the violins and stop the violence
Acknowledge and do the knowledge
That nonsense is garbage
We’re here to harvest in this garden, all us
I’m honest, so be humble and modest not martyrs, I promise
I beg your pardon
Breathe in some oxygen
Breathe out some carbon
Stop starting stuff, cats is starving
Stop bothering, clobbering
Give some compliments so we can accomplish
An empowered populace
Princes, paupers, tropics, metropolis
Enough carcasses, stop emptying cartridges
Aren’t you sick and tired of this?
All society’s sirens
I is
An eye for an eye is tired
Every eye has an iris
No man is an island
Or my sister
Mrs. or Mr. you should be insistent on fighting the system
May I assist ya?
Yo kid I wouldn’t kid ya
Like Adam gave his rib so you could sell him down the river
Can’t cats just try to kick it?
Here’s the kicker
Cats fighting like they fighting for the clicker
The bound to fill the crypt up
The fighting for the figures
How you figure you the victim doing the stick up?
That’s too dirty for Swiffer
Time to switch up
Can’t even frickin play a game of pick-up
Can’t even set a pick
Can’t even hiccup without fisticuffs
Which leaves a bump upside your head
I wish the bulb atop your head with flicker
This ain’t a game
Going against the grain don’t make you lame it make you hipper
Don’t be a hungry hippo
Don’t be greedly like your favorite rapper
It ain’t good for your status or your stature
It ain’t good for the captives
For the captors it is absolutely happenin’
But y’all don’t really haftas

Why you think the golden rule is golden fool?
Acting phony only makes you vulnerable
You need to call an audible and cut out all the bull
I hate to pull your card but you need to cut the carnage
And start the carnival