Arms Still Open Testo

Testo Arms Still Open

I'm so sick of all these talks /
about how good it was back then /
about how everything has changed /
and how you stayed the same /
today you're the only one left /
but that's no cause to feel bitter /
there was a time when you were new /
like these kids right now /
do you still remember the day /
this scene opened its arms to you? /
do you still remember the day /
this scene opened its arms to you? /
we still remember /
all these new kids, these new bands
you say they're in it for the trends /
see the fire in their eyes /
and this flame will keep the scene alive /
I still remember how I felt / I still remember, how I felt /
and I always will

(our arms are still open, open for new kids to enter this so-called scene
without any prejudices. in hope for new inspiration, new fuel to the fire that
keeps this engine running, new voices having their say. stagnation is the
end of everything and we're gonna stagnate if we keep on believing that
this scene is just for some elitist majority. once this was a place for the
outsiders of society, different from those cliques in school always mocking
the weak ones and now it seems as if this difference is gone. we should always
think about the fact that there was this day one for all of us and none of us has
been born the ultimate hc-kid with a YOT test-pressing in the cradle. instead of
separating from others we should welcome those new kids with open arms and take
them with us on this journey and don't leave them alone standing in the rain.)