In The Cold Testo

Testo In The Cold

In these days, it's normal life to live on the street /
at least this is how we make the concerned feel /
shattered future, ruined dreams and no place to go /
left out by society, left all alone /
how can this happen in front of our eyes /
are we so tied up by our own lives? /
a struggle for life, everyday, just to survive /
all they got is themselves and no one hears their cries /
in the night just a paper pack to cover from the cold /
abandoned by friends and family, there's no one left to hold /
this is my will to care /
this is our will to care /
this is my will to care /
this is our will to care /
show some humble heart, you can`t deny the truth /
open your eyes, avoid the lies and face this simple fact /
a helping hand won't change their world but at least make them smile

(constantly to growth and progress of mankind we are losing control about
the lowest level of living. more and more people find themselves living on
the streets, having to rely on the help of others because the social network
does not enable them to keep their heads above water, better to say does
not enable them to keep themselves alive. people who gave their life for
others, who generously spent their time to help others now find themselves
in undignified circumstances of life. shamefully having to search others' trash
or ask for change and all of this maybe because of some stroke of fate, diseases
or other contrarieties. what can we do about this? unfortunately not too much as
we are no politicians but at least we can give them the feeling of still being
part of this community, not an outcast of society, we can listen to them, give
them a smile or reach out a helping hand and not push them away any further.)