Imminent War Testo

Testo Imminent War

Kings of the earth
A new dawn approaches
You’ll be persuaded by silver tongues
Promises of peace and healing
A holy union your promised prize
No, it’s all a lie
Evil lurks
A wolf in sheep’s clothing
This surely is your demise
But do not fear for evil will not overcome
Behold the seven signs
The words of false prophets
They speak of wars and rumors
Of coming times
Many will fall
As the earth shakes with anger
And famines run wild
The torment of the chosen ones
And a new proclamation
Abolished, the sacrifice
No holy place, no altar to speak of
Kneel, before the throne
A false king now sits
No more, this too shall pass
Look to the sky, the clouds are parting
Behold, the power and glory
A new King descends to claim His right
Destroyed, the days of old
The wicked one, and those in his counsel
Rise, the earth anew
Free from the shackles of evil that bind us