Orison Testo

Testo Orison

My prayer, my prayer
That faith will be my voice of reason
Through trials and storms
My hope will always lie in you
If I should fail
Your mercy will be never failing
My hope in the unseen to stay forever strong
That through flame and fire
My mouth never denies
That my hearts desires
My mouth never denies
You pardon all of the transgression that I’ll ever see
Your mercy reaches past my burdens and my apathy
If ever I should thirst with water you reach out to me
If ever I should fear unfailing love will surround me
Rectify my life,
I want to burn for you
Take this flesh and bone
and make it what you will
That I may seek you in the darkest of the blackest nights
That I may know that those who truly seek will always find
That I may knock and know the door will always open wide
That I reflect upon the day the stone was rolled aside