I Wish You Well Testo

Testo I Wish You Well

I found out last night,
'Bout the new man in your life,
Up until last night,
Still believed you was my wife,
I gave you all I could,
Picked you up when you fell,
I tried to give you heaven,
When it all seemed like hell,

I know you've had it tough,
Life's dealt you some mean blows,
And maybe it wasn't enough, what I gave you,
But then again who knows?
There's somethin' in your words,
That leaves a fishy smell,
Bye-bye baby, I wish you well.

I hope he makes you happy,
The way I used to do,
You can't hide from yourself,
It all comes back to you,
And if one day, you come cryin' for my hand
I hope l've one to give you, .
I hope I understand.

I wish you well,
In everything that you do,
I wish you well,
And I hope he's good to you,
You've burned all your bridges,
As far as I can tell,
Guess all that's left for me,
Is to wish vou well.