Little Red Vanette Testo

Testo Little Red Vanette

She's got a golden dash and flames up the side,
I sprayed her myself just to please,
She ain't a Chevy or a Cadillac,
My baby's Japanese,
She's got leopard-skin seats and smoked-glass windows,
On the windshield there's a big crack,
She's a two-litre, diesel, pleasure-mobile,
Hell, there's even a bed in the back!

She ain't very fast but she gets there,
In a race she might lose you your bet,
But one thing's for sure, when she gets there,
They're all gonna love my little red Vanette!

For just forty bucks you can fill her right up,
And she doesn't consume too much juice,
Y ou can take out the seats and put a load in the back,
And put her to all kinds of use,
Yeah, she' s my kinda van and she' s made in Japan,
And l'm the happiest chappy alive,
I can go for a ride with a chick by my side,
And show her my right-hand drive!