Sitting In A Parking Lot Testo

Testo Sitting In A Parking Lot

Sittin in a parking lot
Sittin wastin' my time
Sippin on a bottle
Waitin' on a friend of mine
A guitar and the shirt I wear,
That's all that I got
Wishin I was far away
Reminds me that I'm not

We're goin into town tonight
Lookin' for some fun
Holdin' my guitar,
Like a soldier carries his gun
Singin' songs for money
On a corner of the street
Singin' our litttle hearts out,
And smile at the girls we meet

Singin Nah nah na nah nah
Nah nah na nah
Nah na na nah nah
And smile at the girls we meet.

Its a warm summer evening
And the streets begin to buzz,
A crowd forms on a corner
All standing watching us
If I get down or lonesome,
This is what I love,
Tap my toes on the road below
And sing to the stars above

Get talkin to a couple of girls
In from out of town
Askin us where we're headin
And if we'd show them around,
For cash, we got Johnny
And that just ain't enough
So they walked on into the evening
Aaah let's face it, thats's just tough!