Your Gun Testo

Testo Your Gun

Been hangin' out with vampires
They nearly sucked you dry,
I took you in and held you,
Wiped the tears from your eye,
When I took you in,
You were just skin and bone,
Now that you got stronger,
Got to make it alone,

You're out there on a limb,
And you tell me that it's cold
It all seems so grim
When you've no-one to hold
But honey you're a big girl
A mission to fulfill,
I know you can make it
There's a way where there's a will,

You've got your gun,
Go out and use it,
Scratch your name into history's skin,
You've got your gun,
It's time to use it,
And don't you ever, don't you ever give in

And don't go lookin back
It ain't nobody's fault
Don't go lookin back
You'll get turned to salt
I know you can make it
Make everyone proud
I know you can make it
Gonna shout it out loud