Grim Fate Testo

Testo Grim Fate

Just where is it that you fell
True, death is another realm
When the reaper comes for you
All is not well, what will you do
As you fell you were ripped and torn
Surely you wish you'd never been born
In the abyss of eternity
For your prodigal deeds you bleed

So now you have reached it
This is your fate
It's no one's fault but yours
You died by your ways
You ask for one more chance
That it may be tried
Instead of reaching answer
You are denied

You lead a selfish and wasteful life
This is why you suffer the scythe
Never helping your friends in need
For in your mind there's too much greed
As you regain consciousness
You're certain this isn't a trick
You went to mass every day
None of it mattered anyway