Stalingrad Testo

Testo Stalingrad

Rising from the ashes
Of colossal wreck
The sirens call from within the ruins
Call for the final attack
Building burnt to ashes
Corpses in the mud
The frozen streets of Stalingrad
Covered in flesh and blood

Fire and smoke
Wiping your senses dry
Sharpshooters fire
Death reigns from the sky
Once in hell
Escaped punished as treason
Ghosts of war
Rids men of their reason

Operation Saturn
We wake back to life
Children of the motherland
Stand up to end this strife
Sons of the red banner
Your story shall be told
The bloodiest battle man's eyes have seen
In the heart of winter's cold

In the blinding lines of fire
Machine engines roar
Starving freezing lacking supplies
They continue to fight their war
So many lie in the snow
Bullets have silenced their woes
The heroes sacrificed to stop the invasion
A feast for wolves and crows