Infinite Suck Testo

Testo Infinite Suck

The word love is nothing like the word confetti,
you can't just throw it around in the air like that for fun
For fun, Are you sad, now I can hardly tell
If you're being tortured momentarily you're most likely searching for a new
Drippin' wet with something savory I,
insert a token of salutation for you to remember me by

The experiments have no names
And surely no purposes
You can call it a tradition
But they don't really sting that bad now anyhow
Get back on that icy extermination table,
after all, It's only your first audition,
it's only your first audition!

Man I can't wait to see the failing premiere
Chats with Japura are not what they really appear,
Showed her photos of herself
The river formed a slightly, deformed crest

She told me living is just a placement exam, to find the best
Rearrange their legs, anxious florists He is a glacier
Camellia's a fault line. Small white ivories gash her knuckle,
struggling against their bodies and mine.

You want them to all know your name, You tell me when
The cameras still rolling and there's ten hungry waiting men