Cross To Bear Testo

Testo Cross To Bear

I died one night when the sky was a blanket of stars And you sounded as clear to me then as I'd heard you in years As I lowered my eyes understanding the news that I'd heard You just turned away taking your smile and those crippling words Then you blew from my life like the southern wind stealing a flame 'Til all I had left were the tears at the drop of your name And I know I'm just blinding myself into thinking you care Maybe one day I'll rush in and discover you there Love is an anchor Love is a knife Love is the healer in my liife And I know that it seems like sometimes I howl at the moon But it's something that happens when loneliness steps in the room Though I know I'm just fooling myself in this sorry affair One night I'll awake from a dream and uncover you there Chorus Though I know I'm just hurting myse1f it's a cross I can bear Cause I died one night when the sky was a ribbon of stars and you were there