I Drove Testo

Testo I Drove

I drove into the fading light Until there were no cars in sight Until there was no center stripe. I drove Eyes fixed on the road ahead My rnind convinced of what it's fed I could have turned around Instead. I drove Just put yourself into my shoes Consider all the avenues All the don'ts and all the what you does When everything she ever said Carved lazy circles in your head Some things are better left for dead And nothing you can say will change that I drove until I met the dawn The questions in my mind's eye formed My sense of space and time Were gone without me I drove beneath the desert sun Just contemplating why we run The sign said US Highway 31 When time allowed and time between Are seldom heard or rarely seen Imagine it's a time machine or something Asplinter of the life we spend Together measured end to end Is equal to the time it takes To rock your little world and say I knew that Anxiety, my shotgun friend Would not shift or fade or bend Steered my rnind from start to end, I drove I reached the point of no return, my body ached, my spirit burned All objections overturned,I drove I drove until the passion died Then I popped the clutch and let her glide As all that stuff unglued inside of me you start to wonder what it is That locks the hand into a fist And dives into that little twist of fate A penny earned, a penny wise Holy Jesus, damn your eyes When conversation slowly dies Takes that long to realize she means it I drove into the fading night Until there were no stars in sight Until there was no center stripe Until there was no center stripe I drove