In London Testo

Testo In London

London that I used to know The one from 30 years ago Declares it's lifeless status quo, and so it goes In London they got subway trains The House of Lords and acid rains The Albert Hall, it still remains In London where I spent my prime Youth was king that summertime I thought I'd pulled the perfect crime Being there, sleeping by your side In Lodon we were scatterlings When consciousness meant everything Now we choke on bigger things And who said grow them wings and fly In London where the city jeers At architecture's golden years Where no man steps or interferes In London In London we had high ideals A sense of style and Cuban heels You don't forget how good that feels In London town the money screams At long forgotten kings and queens From strike intensive union teams And who sais grown men never cry In London where she hung her head I only work here, Sir, she said I didn't weave this tangled thread In London where you feast your eyes As dreams are born and passions fly But, brother, are you satisfied And who said dreams they drift like snow In London where commandments drool Like wisdom from the mouths of fools They didn't learn that stuff in school In London Oh, London that I've grown to hate I've seen your class evaporate Signed Disillusioned, Sad, Expatriate