Sick Of This Testo

Testo Sick Of This

Baby when I wake up
I can only think of the fingers of your hands
Pulling one by one all of my strings
I think I’m getting sick

If I start to sing now lonely by my way
Trying not to see your face so that I don’t get desperate
I think I`m going mad
I wish I Could tell you what I think, but it’s impossible for me
I’ll try to change my mind in a while
Because otherwise baby I think I’m getting sick

Here I am my Darling smoking like a bitch
Sitting at the backroom door
Fantasizing about you and me
I think I’m getting sick

I’ll forget you baby, that’s already done
Even if you’ve lived your whole life
In the very deep side of my bones
I think I’m getting stoned

The sun is shining out of this room
I want to go out and run free
Cos I have waited for you for ages
Now I prefer just not to think
I wish I would tell you what I feel
But it’s impossible for me
And soon the night will start biting
I’ll take a breathe
baby I think I’m getting sick