Eroin Testo

Testo Eroin


Open your legs my fucking bitch
I can't resist..
I have the power I have the gold
It's everything you need, is it right?

I sold my soul, I lost my reason,
To have my dirty kingdom..
You are my doll..
My fucking doll
I wanna have you..

I will learn to hate who cry..
And I lie and I lie
I can't show regrets and tears..
And I lie and I lie
Blind by search of art and shape..
And I lie and I lie
You looking my eyes looking my past unmovedable face..
And I lie and I lie

Every addiction surrounded my life.. my life..
E ho bisogno di un dio,
per affidargli tutte le mie colpe..

I will grow up with my lies
With my mask..
And now I know, this is my nature,
I need addictions..