I Can't Wait Testo

Testo I Can't Wait

[Da Boy Wonder]
Eh yo, band, cut me up, yo.
Immature, Darkchild,
All day everyday,
You can see me in the drop-top S-L-K.
D to the A, to the R, to the K.
Child, it's been a while,
And I still can't wait.

[Mr. Mike Nitty]
Well, excuse me,
Can I have your attention?
There's just a few things
That I've got to mention.
I know you don't know me,
But my name is Mikey,
And after this shhh,
You're sure to like me.

I can't wait, (oh baby, I can't wait,)
To see you today. (See you today.)
I got you on my mind. (Baby, I can't wait,)
To see your face. (To see you today.)

Tell me what time are we hookin' up?
'Cause I can't wait, (until we get in touch.)
Girl, you got me open, like an all night store.
So come on, girl,
I'll give you what you're lookin' for.


You should know just how I feel
When you come around, I feel so good inside;
That's why I need you, girl, right now.
I can't wait, baby.


Won't y'all break it down?
Break it down.

[Da Boy Wonder]
Mr. Mike Nitty, get down, right now.

[Mr. Mike Nitty]
Now, now, now, now.
Who make you boogie like me? Nobody.
(You jigglin', baby.)
Drive them young girls crazy.
Yo, how it go? Let me know the deal.
Shorty slam outta my gas,
So tell me how it feel?

[Da Boy Wonder]
I'm the big boy
That makes the big hits,
Stack the big chips,
Float the big whips.
Baby, dig this.
Got ice on my wrist.
We eat on platinum plates, around eight,
I just can't wait.