Beyond The Mist Testo

Testo Beyond The Mist

"The shagg's history, people who were born to be kings. Time turn them into slaves of the empire, condemned to live without seeing the sunlight."

Slave in the land we born to take
Facing a new dare
Grey and storm are back again
Sons of space and time
In this place we cannot stay
Prisoners of hell
Against this cage we need to try
Marching through the night

Through the land that all (of) us hate
Enemies of the empire
Shades of Past are far away
Wanting our wood back
Casting spells we learn in past
Lost paws of infinity
(For) freedom we'll fight until we die
Waiting for a new dawn

Glory to all of our elders
Lords and kings of this ground
In these lands they're found by the devil
The empire
Now our life is in danger
We are slaves in mines
Dreaming how to escape from this cage of time

With all the time to waste Our hope will never die
No rest, no fear, no life
With all the time to waste, To live is nothing for us
We hunt just for light

With all the time to waste Our hope will never die
Our fate is kept inside
With all the time to waste Eternally in flames we must hide
Beyond the mist we ride