The Great Vast Forest Testo

Testo The Great Vast Forest

"Courageous and valorous warriors know how dangerous can be entering this shadows_ sanctuary. Who knows what is hidden beyond the great vast forest?"

We cross the infernal lines to find the great empire
The ancient field of sun
The Forrest now is dark its power among us is strong
He faces us now with hate

In this god-forsaken land our hope will never die
We're running for our lives
My eyes no longer see the enemy within
(we've) been hunted in this night

The enemies with guns and swords are running in the night
The mystic force that guide us now (will) prevail again

Their power was not too strong they're (just) victims in this night
Screams of pain remain

Beyond the black sky
We'll never gonna die
Along this evil night
We're falling into a dream
A nightmare begins
The dark seed will arise

Hear the chants of fury, that are echoing in the trees
Fight now with power (and) in honor we will die
The green hell now is red, our blood runs everywhere
(but) our screaming souls can't find, a way to the sky
The dark angel comes to us, he's falling from the sky
A deal with him was made that night, to avenge us all
From dark enchants, we rise again (by) one powerful black and evil mind
Our Revenge is now!