Widowmaker Testo

Testo Widowmaker

like a ton of bricks it hits
before she finishes her sentence
as the predicate predicts
a swift ending to her presence

i could see it coming from a mile away
at six hundred miles an hour
a surprise attack, a tora tora kamikaze
no looking back
a tactic of considerable power

it doesn't matter now what i should have done then
my heart was in the right place at the wrong time again

in close to half a second my composure was lost
and i had found my modesty
"everything not in the dumpster was otherwise tossed,"
...her voice lacking sincerity

a phone call is made at midnight
that won't let her fall asleep
the ringer's turned off
but she can hear the answering machine

it's you plus me divided by inadequacy times my denial
minus three words that were thrown around and around
and a why can doo mang ing tang duaplan

if you want to get away you'll have to go through me
or walk over my dead body (and you just may)
the ship is sinking, i'm the captain, there's no escape
if you want to get away you're gonna hafta go through