Close Catapult Testo

Testo Close Catapult

What happened to you, friend
Why such a long look on your face
A face I haven't seen in some years?

But I can tell you've been
On course to utter misery
By courting she that bakes your child (oops)

I will not follow on your lead
I will not take your words and
Change them into applicable principles of humility
I will not conjure up a plan
To keep in touch

Nowhere to go
I had to turn to closer
Ones who cared
Some of them live further than your
Spot on the map
It shows your character

I'm waiting for a call
Patiently, any sign at all
That shows me you have always been there

I don't want remorse
And I don't want what's in your pants
I just wanted effort as a response