Lampshade Testo

Testo Lampshade

I don't care about your life
What's done is done I found someone else
Where were you when everything was dead inside?
I know I'm not supposed to be the one hanging on

At least your keeping warm
While I'm the guy getting ice inside my Vans
Plans to drown his sorrows in whore-sluts with tans
I'm glad I froze, my future holds
A lifetime with my girl now
She'll be more than a fading concept in the crowd
I wanna know, have you been told
That you are perfect?

I don't care about what's good for me
I'll find out when I write about my
Times that hardly call themselves memorable
After school I was a fool to wait for you

Although I didn't know
That someday after I'd turn to chapter two
Sleeping with your someone is a point of view
Trusting is key, if you ever want to be
As happy as we are now
We'll be more than a fading concept in the crowd
We've got it all, as I recall
You weren't perfect