American Tune Testo

Testo American Tune

manys a time i've been mistakenand many times confusedyes and i've often felt forsakenand certainly misusedoh but i'm all righti'm all righti'm just weary to my bonesstill you don't expect to be bright and bon vivantso far away from homeso far away from homei don't know a soul who's not been batteredi don't have a friend feels who at easei don't know a dream that's not been shatteredor driven to it's kneesoh but it's all rightit's all rightwe've lived so well so longstill when i think of the road we're traveling oni wonder what's gone wrongi can't help it i wonderwhat's gone wrongand i dreamed i was dyingi dreamed that my soulrose unexpectedlyand looking back down at mesmiled reassuringlyand i dreamed i was flyinghigh up abovemy eyes could clearly seethe statue of libertysailing away to seaand i dreamed i was dyingoh we come on a ship they call the mayflowerwe come on a ship that sailed the moonwe come in the ages most uncertain hourand sing an american tuneoh but it's all rightit's all rightyou can't be forever blessedstill tomorrow's going to be another working dayand i'm trying to get some restthat's all i'm tryingto get some rest