Cold As Ice Testo

Testo Cold As Ice

i don't think you understandoh the rhythm of my heartthere's a strong line to mind and souli feel it tearing aparti've been searching for new wordsgonna make you understand in a different waywhen i told you i'd hang on foreveri threw my choice awayand it's cold as icei can't let goit's cold as icebaby but i need your loveand i wish i could have been the first oneoh to walk out the doorthe more i find myself to blamethe less there is to come back foryou wish you could have been the last oneto tell me how you really feelcause when you closed the door oh deep insidemy heart it still seemed so sincereand it's cold as icei can't let go ohit's cold as icebaby but i need your loveit's cold as icei can't let goit's cold as icebaby but i need your loveif there's a message to this madnesswell it still seems quite unclearif i really need to save myselfwhy can't i just walk out of herethere's a message in your eyesand you make it perfectly plaineither i leave your heart behindor crack beneath this freezingfreezing freezing freezing raincold as ice(cold as ice)i can't let go(but i can't let go)cold as icebaby but ibut i need your loveall righti said i'm coldcold i'm cold(cold as ice)cold i'm cold(baby)cold i'm cold(cold as ice darling)cold as ice(cold as ice)oh no but i can't let go(i said i'm freezing, freezing)oh no no i can't let go(freezing, freezing, freezing, freezing)no no i'm cold as ice(whoa whoa baby yeah)i'm cold as icebut i can't let gono