Daddy's All Gone Testo

Testo Daddy's All Gone

Don't have much to sayThought I'd call you up anywayJust to try and tell you the wayThat I feel today -Oh, I miss you baby.Sure, I'm on the roadI don't need to say much moreJust the same old well known strangerThat I was before -Seems like yesterday.Daddy's all goneHe's just a halfway homeHe's holding on to the telephoneSinging "Please -Don't let the show go on."There's a bus every other hourEven a midnight trainBut that don't leave me the powerTo see your face again -It's not that simple anymore.You see, there's a room full of smiling facesAnd there's a man standing by the doorWhen he says it's time we take our placesAnd get down on the floor -Oh, I'd like to kill him, baby.Daddy's all goneHe's just a halfway homeHe's hanging on to the microphoneSinging "Please -Don't let the show go on."