Erase The Pain Testo

Testo Erase The Pain

Time, where have you left me?Here - without a heartWithout an answerI tried to open my eyesI tried to see the songAll things consideredThis much remains the sameHit that wall againThe same old barrierTime after time I've tried to glimpse the other sideOh, and time surely made me seeI was taking your love so carelesslyNow we knowThough it doesn't do much good anymoreI still feel the old, familiar painIt could be that love is blindI was blind to all your reasoningBut, at the start, you were blind to meNow, I guess you could say we're evenBut isn't that what we always wanted to be?Putting our souls on the line to win this gameI'm feeling the strainNow, I'll always love youThrough all this distanceAll these barriersTrying to erase the painErase the painErase the pain.