Killing Time Testo

Testo Killing Time

Who is counting sleepless nights?Who is counting letters I meant to write?Who is counting at all?If you are, I look pretty small-chorus-But no matter what I doIf I couldn't be call you mineIf I couldn't be with youI'd just be killing timeYou went searching for me in the night skyAnd when I burned away, you wondered whyWell, I'll tell you, babe, I could not bear to stallI fell too fast, I fell too far-chorus-Big, big fishes in little pondsI've seen them walk around with magic wands-chorus-There ain't no magician hidden inside of meSo no matter what you hear, I hope you seeThat just when I'm trying to be tallThat's when I end up looking pretty small-chorus-No matter what I do(And you know I will burn)If I couldn't be call you mine(Like a star in the sky)If I couldn't be with you(All I'd be doing is)I'd just be killing time-chorus-