Lifeblood Testo

Testo Lifeblood

Another night in a successsionThinly glued with beer and wineIt's a precarious professionEvery day at work sees your heart on the lineMaybe I should have gone to business schoolOr gained myself a respectable tradeOr stayed in childhood where the shade keeps you coolMaking my living selling lemonadeChorus:-But running through my veinsAre the words and the refrainsAs if they were my lifeblood itselfAnd I can't stay alive on the food of 9 to 5If my dreams were just old pictures on the shelf-I remember the folks said give it a tryOr you'll never know who you might have beenAnd just remember, nothing is the end of the worldUntil the world comes to an endStill, there's a point to this philosophyOf taking a look at who you areStill sometimes all I have to help me seeAre all the mirrors behind the bar-Chorus-Musical Interlude-Chorus