Tangled Up In Blue Testo

Testo Tangled Up In Blue

early one morning the sun was shiningi was laying in bedwondering if she'd changed at allif her hair was still redher folks they said our lives togethersure was gonna be roughthey never did like mama's homemade dresspapa's bank book wasn't big enoughme i'm standing on the side of the roadrain falling on my shoesi'm heading out to the east coastlord knows i've paid some duesgetting throughtangled up in blueshe was married when we first metsoon to be divorcedi helped her out of a jam i guessbut i used a little too much forceand we drove that car as far as we couldabandoned it out westwe split up on a sad dark nightboth agreeing it was bestshe turned around and looked at meas i was walking awaythen i heard her say over my shoulderwe'll meet again somedayon the avenuetangled up in bluei was living in the great north woodsworking as a cook for a spelli never did like it all that muchand one day the axe just fellso i drifted down to new orleanswhere i happened to be employedyeah i was working for a while on a fishing boatright outside of de la croixand all the while i was alonethe past was close behindi'd seen a lot of womenbut she never escaped my mindand I just grewtangled up in blueshe was working at a topless barand i stopped in for a beeri just kept looking at the side of her facein the spotlight so clearnow later on as the crowd thinned outand i was just about to do the sameyeah but she was standing there at the back of my chairshe said don't i know your namewell i muttered something underneath my breathshe studied the lines on my facei must admit i felt a little uneasywhen she bent down to tie the lacesof my shoeswe were tangled up in bluei know i know i knowshe lit a burner on the stoveand offered me a pipei thought you'd never say hello she saidyou look like the silent typeand then she opened up a book of poemsand handed it to mewritten by an italian poetfrom the 13th centuryevery one of his words rang trueand glowed like burning coalpouring off every pagelike it was written in my soulfrom me to youtangled up in blueyeah yeahi lived with them on montague streetin a basement down the stairs yeahthere was music in the cafes at nightand revolution in the airthat's when he started into dealing with slaves yeahsomething inside of her died just diedand she had to sell everything she ownedand she froze up insidefinally the bottom fell outi became withdrawnthe only thing i knew how to dowas to keep on keepin' onlike a bird that flewtangled up in blueoh yeahnow i'm headed back againi gotta get to her somehowand all the people we used to knowthey're an illusion to me nowsome are mathematicianssome are carpenter's wivesi don't know how they all got startedi don't know what they're doing with their livesbut me i'm still on the roadheaded for another jointwe always did feel the samewe just saw it from a different pointof viewtangled up in bluei know i know i knowyeah yeah oh yeah